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Do You Plan 2020 to Travel Abroad or a Local Getaway for the Holiday?

Where is your vacation destination in 2020? Do you plan 2020 to travel abroad or a local getaway for the holiday?

Every year, Land Below The Wind – Sabah has become a hotbed for foreign and domestic tourists, for the sake of “Exploring Sabah as it explores the world”.

Why is it like that? Do you plan 2020 to travel abroad or a local getaway for the holiday?

Here are some places to go when visiting Sabah. You can refer to the Pictures below.


If you want to stay like being in Monaco hotel, Sutera Harbour Hotel is the best choice for you!

Even if you don’t spend the night here, you can drive here to take pictures or doing some “Tik-Tok“. It is located just nearby Kota Kinabalu. It’s not that hard to find this location.


No need to go to the Philippines to see the sunset which is one of the 3 best in the world.

In addition to the “Fireball” phenomenon, the beach of Tanjung Aru is only 10-16 minutes from the City Center. It is recommended to be there at 5:30 because it is hard to find PARKING.


After viewing a “SUNSET“, you can head to Philippine Market located in Kota Kinabalu City. No need to go to Thailand, it has a great selection of SEAFOOD, plus CHEAP!

For vehicle safety and convenience, it is recommended to PARKING in the Center Point Shopping Mall or Oceanus area Shopping Mall.

The bustle of the City caused the congestion and the difficulty of the space to park the vehicles, and there was seller opening their stalls in this area.


After dinner, you should definitely see the City view 180 degrees up at night.

Although Kota Kinabalu does not have the sights like Hong Kong, Signal Hill’s have the natural surroundings, a beautiful sunset, and fresh air can make anyone who comes here in awe of its beauty.

Want something challenging? It takes 40 minutes to get here from Kota Kinabalu City Center, but you must book in advance to do this challenging activity.

The activity is perfect for those who want to see the city of Kota Kinabalu when they are at the top of the earth. For booking, you can contact this number 016-6725124.


After doing some challenging activities in the morning, you will definitely want to take in the scenery of New Zealand in your home country at Desa Farm.

Moreover, can be said if you have not visited this place, as you have not visited Sabah. The journey takes 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu.

If you upload pictures to INSTAGRAM, many people will think you’re in New Zealand. It is advisable to stay a day in Kundasang. There is plenty of HOMESTAY for you and your family.


travel abroad or a local getaway

Kundasang is one of the most popular tourist attractions for local and foreign tourists. Every HOMESTAY located in Kundasang has views over Mount Kinabalu.

Therefore, it is recommended to spend the night in Kundasang to enjoy the fresh air, comfortable weather, and amazing views the next morning as you are in Switzerland.


travel abroad or a local getaway

If you are interested in enjoying the beautiful view of space, Sabah’s best spot is in Kota Belud.

In addition to having the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, you can also relax your mind while you are here. Other than that, you can also bathe in the river of Kota Belud.


travel abroad or a local getaway

Again, for those who love to do this kind of hard work, you should go to Beaufort. Beaufort offers this activity to those who are tough and energetic.

If you do not have swimming skills, this activity is not safe for you as it requires at least some swimming skills. For sure, this activity will surely satisfy this extreme activity in Beaufort.


travel abroad or a local getaway

Ideal for newlyweds, this holiday spot is perfect for a honeymoon for married couples. Kapalai has its own uniqueness and is often likened to the Maldives by tourists.

With the crystal clear sea beauty of Kapalai, your vacation with your spouse will surely bring to the most memorable memories in your journey.


travel abroad or a local getaway

The breathtaking wonders of the waters of Sabah in undeniable. And now, you can add Bohey Dulang to your bucket list!

The island is one of the eight islands within the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, and what stands out here is the 300m peak which offers the most fantastic view!

To get there, one will have to make way to Semporna, and from there, take a 20-minute boat ride to the island.

Besides snorkeling and diving, other things to do here include hiking, birdwatching, Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) settlements, and Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery.


Definitely, you need a vehicle to explore these places as it will make your vacation easier.

Recently, an online car rental service platform was launched and is a Sabah based brand that can help you to get around Sabah.

You don’t have to worry about searching the internet and using Whatsapp or contacting car rental services as they are all at your fingertips with an online platform called VACAZZEE.

Why is VACAZZEE so easy? You just need to go to the website to book your car rental. Choose the date you plan to go to Sabah and make an online payment. Isn’t it easy?

You just came to Sabah and pick up your car to explore Sabah without thinking about anything else.

You can choose your own car rental and make your vacation easier now. In addition, you will be protected with insurance during your exploration of Sabah.

Choose your cars, your journey will be protected with insurance.

Do you plan 2020 to travel abroad or a local getaway for the holiday? Local getaway will offer you satisfaction for your vacation. What are you waiting for? Book now for your vacation to Sabah with us at .

VACAZZEE, Vacation Made Easy.

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