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Satisfying location in Keningau
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9 Satisfying Location When You Visits Keningau

Have you ever go to Keningau District? There is 9 satisfying location when you visit Keningau.

It also contributes to the tourism sector in Keningau although not as large with the other tourist destinations in Sabah.


Other than that, Keningau has many recreational locations, natural attractions, and crafts center.

Without wasting so much time, let’s check out the list of satisfying places in Keningau!

#1 Keningau Oath Stone

Keningau Oath Stone is a historical monument in Sabah. It is a British Crown Colony of North Borneo and Sarawak joined together to form Malaysia.

In addition, these stones represent agreements on religion, land, and customs that need to be guaranteed by the federal government. It is located in the Keningau Heritage Museum.

#2 Keningau Heritage Museum

What’s interesting about this museum is that it houses a lot of cultural history and colonial history, as well as religion in Keningau.

Other than that, there is no entrance fee to enter the Keningau Heritage Museum. It is satisfying to learn history with the family.

#3 Keningau War Memorial

Also known as the Cho Huan Lai Memorial, it was built to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives against Japan during World War II.

Keningau had been bombed by the Japanese and sacrificed many lives before being assisted by the Australian military.

The park is well maintained and has a monument. If you come on the weekends, many tourists from Australia come to pay their respects.

Other than that, historic places in Keningau that you can visit include Ansip Ferry Memorial Park and Japan Surrender Point.

#4 Laing Cave

Moreover, Laing Cave is listed as the latest tourist destination in Keningau. This cave will be a great destination for those who love adventure.

Subsequently, there are three entrances to this other Cave and it takes a lot of patience to get into the cave.

It is not suitable for children as the trails to this location is quite windy and requires you to cross the jungle and climb.

In fact, the surface of the cave is rather slippery.

#5 Trig Hill

Meanwhile, if you are looking for interesting places in Apin-Apin, you can go to Trig Hill. It’s a hiking spot.

For instance, you do not need any experience of climbing for hiking to Trig Hill.

This is because pedestrian walkways, ropes, and stairs are provided for visitors. Along the way, you will be served with a variety of plants along with signage.

Your fatigue will disappear once you reach the top of the hill. At the top of the hills, you will be presented with green views and rolling hills.

#6 Bandukan Park Recreation Center

The Bandukan Park Recreation Center is a recreational area in Keningau which is full of activities. It’s public because of the many facilities available. If you enjoy outdoor activities, be sure to visit Baduk Park.

Therefore, this is some of the interesting activities you can do here:

Satisfying location in Keningau
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • River Bathing
  • Celebrate Family Day
  • Picnic
  • There are even resorts for you to stay in

#7 Mee Woo Resort & Spa Keningau, Sabah

There are many attractions at Mee Woo and all will satisfy your holiday. These include comfortable resorts, swimming pools, spas, and restaurants.

Satisfying location in Keningau

Besides that, the swimming pool is the main attraction at Mee Woo Resort. As a result, Mee Woo provides two swimming pools for children and adults.

#8 Keningau Waterfall

There are 3 waterfalls in Keningau that you can find here. All it takes is an ‘entering jungle’ and jungle trekking.

Satisfying location in keningau

However, it is not suitable for children. Thus, you can visits the waterfall and recording memorable moments. What a satisfying.

  • Berkembar Keningau Waterfall
  • Tinaaman Waterfall
  • Mandanan Waterfall

#8 Crocker Range Park

On the other hand, what makes Keningau satisfying is that it is part of the Crocker Range. The beauty of the flora and fauna here is difficult to describe with words.

Satisfying location in Keningau

Other than that, for those who love nature, Crocker Range Park is a must-visit. An interesting activity to do here is:

  • Visit the Rafflesia site
  • Jungle trekking
  • Watching the birds
  • Camping
  • Visit mini-Zoo

These are 9 satisfying location when you visit Keningau later in your planning.

There is still many attractions in Keningau that you have to explore by yourself when you visit Keningau.

In the nutshell, hope this article of “9 Satisfying Location When You Visits Keningau” helps you plan your vacation in Keningau in the future.

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