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SUPERMAN of Mount Kinabalu
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“Superman” Of Mount Kinabalu Makes Things Easier to Reach Laban Rata.

"SUPERMAN" of Mount Kinabalu

Does anyone know about the “SUPERMAN” of Mount Kinabalu makes things easier to reach Laban Rata? It was called Mount Kinabalu Porters.

Porters are a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railway station, airport, hotel, or market, etc. In this case, it was a person who carried the loads at Mount Kinabalu.

Anyone that had the experience climb Mount Kinabalu surely is thrilled the Porters carry things to Laban Rata. As a result, Many things would difficult to reach Laban Rata without the Mount Kinabalu Porters’ Service.

The freight that they carry is not just an ordinary thing. Some carry gas barrels, raw materials, types of equipment and items belonging to climbers based on demand and so on.

The weight of each item lifted by the Porters of Mount Kinabalu is also different. It also weighs up to 50kg of loads to reach Laban Rata.

There is also the appearance of a woman Porters carrying goods to arrive at Laban Rata. Surprisingly, those who brought this things are the first to arrive at Laban Rata then climbers. Salute!

"SUPERMAN" of Mount Kinabalu

Unlike hikers who arrive at destinations can take for a long time breaks, these porters have to go up and down to the mountain a few times, only to be sure they are earning enough.

Imagine their tiredness and pain!

So let’s not think too much when we need this porter service. If it is expensive, try to bring the freight the bag and the eleven kilos up and down from Laban Rata by yourselves. Then you know how hard it was.

While providing comfort to mountain climbers, it is also their main quest, striving for a source of sustenance. Cherish their effort.

Give credit to these Mount Kinabalu porters, because without them, many things would be difficult to reach Laban Rata.

These “Superman” of Mount Kinabalu make things easier to reach Laban Rata. Appreciate what they do without saying that was expensive for using their service.

"SUPERMAN" of Mount Kinabalu 

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