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The proposed new international airport site

The Proposed New International Airport Site is Not Built At Kimanis?

The beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu.

A new international airport is being proposed to be built and probably the location site is not at Kimanis. The question is, where would it be built if the proposed new international airport Site is Not Built in Kimanis???

The proposal to build a new international airport in the Sabah region is a step taken to meet the growth of the tourism sector in the state.

Currently, the Kota Kinabalu International Airport has reached 9 Million Passengers and is approaching its minimum capacity of 9.5 million passengers.

Based on this case, Kota Kinabalu International Airport could not accommodate the number of passengers arriving at the airport in the future.

” The existing facilities are inadequate with the presence of a large number of tourists,” said Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

He added, ” Preparing to improve the facilities in the future is crucial to accommodate a large number of tourist arrivals “.

He said this at a press conference after the Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (SEDIA) Open Day at the Sabah Industrial Agro Precinct (SAIP) near here on the 26th of November.

Mohd Shafie said the proposal was a move by the state government to give an opportunity to the tourism sector, which has boosted the country’s economy including the state of Sabah.

He said the sector was also important in generating local income, which included tourist attractions.

The new international airport construction area has been identified in the Kinarut area, covering 1,618 hectares.

The new international airport was not built in the Kimanis area, as it required large expenditures in terms of land acquisition and apart from peat types.

Besides that, the State Government will discuss with Malaysia Airport Berhad and the Civil Aviation Authority, regarding the proposal.

The proposed international airport construction in the Papar area would certainly spur development in the area.

The proposed new international airport site

Meanwhile, Mohd Shafie said development in the Tanjung Aru area would be realized after a Chinese company announced the agreement, investing in the area, along with several other companies.

In a nutshell, the proposed new international airport site is not built at Kimanis but it is built at the Kinarut area. The new international airport will give an opportunity to improves the tourism sector in Sabah.

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