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KKIA Has Now Become The Busiest Airport in Malaysia?

Kota Kinabalu 15 November – Sabah Tourism Sector has a bright future and make Sabah upgraded to become the busiest airport in Malaysia.

2.78 Mill arrival up to Aug 2019

Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Mohd. Shafie bin Haji Apdal said, ” there are 2.78 Mill arrivals on international and domestic arrival in Sabah and it is increasing 8.2 percent compared with the same period last year.”

” It brings in RM6 Bill in revenue for the state. The majority of the tourists are from China and South Korea. The State Government believes that Europe and India’s tourism market have strong potential. The government will make campaigns in order to attract more tourists to visit Sabah “.

He also said, ” Sabah receive 224 flight from 24 regions of the international flight, 445 domestic flight and 62 charter flight from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore “.

The tourism sector develops at a tremendous phase. It makes KKIA the busiest airport in Malaysia.

According to this matter, the State Government has the confidence to attract 4.18 mill international and domestic arrival in the year 2020, expected will bring in RM 8.96 Bill revenue.

RM2.3 Bill allocate for development for tourism preservation

Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Environment will receive RM237.61 Mill allotment.

RM 130.9 Mill is for the tourism and culture sector supply and development expenses and RM 106.71 Mill is for the forest and wildlife preservation development.

” The allotment of RM 106.71 Mill for the Forest and Wildlife preservation development will be distributed to Wildlife Department, Environment Department, and Sabah Park. Each will receives RM 62.9 Mill ” said the Chief Minister.

” Forest dep (116.28mill), other than putting in more effort to preserve wildlife, flora, and fauna, the government will also extend the protection wider sea area “.

He added, ” We will also continuously limited the visitor capacity in Oceans Park such as Sipadan Island (176 divers each day), Mount Kinabalu (135 climbers), Turtle Island (50 Pax overnight each day) “.

Other than that, Sabah State heritage sides will increase to 77,000 next year 70,000 this year in order to keep the State Heritage to enrich the state alive, and strongly protect the cultural heritage of 35 main ethnic tribes and 217 sub-ethnic tribes.


This industry has the potential for highly demand due to the increase in tourists from international and domestic arrivals. The year 2020 can bring in more revenues to the local car rental operators that operating in KKIA.


F&B had the potential for highly demanding according to the increasing of the arrivals.


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