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Thousands of Stories Behind The Legend of Mount Kinabalu. Reality or Myth?

Welcome to the area of ​​Mount Kinabalu in Kundasang. This is where the legendary mountain stands which are a pride of all Sabah people.

Anyone who climbs this mountain will be satisfied when they arrive at the lowest peak of the mountain. Many tourists who came from around the world will grab a chance of climbing this legendary mountain.

Of course, some of us curiously want to know more about the stories of the legendary Mount Kinabalu. It is part of the journey before climbing this huge giant in Sabah.

Mount Kinabalu or it’s originally known as Nulu Nabalu, also called the name Pongoluan and Gayoh Ngaran from Dusun people in Sabah. The terminology of Nabalu and Pongoluan has the same meaning, which is a noun meaning for “place of the dead” (Evans, 1922:278).

Mount Kinabalu has long been considered a sacred mountain for the Dusun people, where they consider the mountain not only their spiritual center but also the center of the world.

The Dusun people believe that there is a ruler on the mountain, and there are even castles in one of the mountain areas, besides the legend of the “Langudi” tree, a sacred tree whose fruit can bring young people back (St. John, 1863: 355).

To this day, monolob rituals are conducted by the Dusun people in Bundu Tuhan and Kiau for the Kinabalu Guards to seek permission for climbers to climb Mount Kinabalu.

According to oral history, several Brunei Kings such as Emperor Sarawangsa and King Alaka Bhatara had been to Mount Kinabalu. The story says that Alaka Bhatara went to Kinabalu and found the iron chair then he used to make weapons.

Interestingly, however, in some of China’s historical manuscripts, there is a record of the role of Mount Kinabalu in the Old Brunei empire, which is a mountain that protects the Boni Kingdom.

According to one of the legend’s stories of Dusun, when Kinorohingan and Suminundu created the heavens and the earth, Suminundu is said to have created the earth by hitting it with a “weaver’s sword” so that the result of the powerful outburst of Nabalu appeared.

Credit to Lee Yunna

For this reason, Suminundu is known as the “Warunsansadon” which means “War That Hit with a Weaving Sword” (Evans, 1953: 15, 18).

There is a multiple version of the Mount Kinabalu stories that are being told from generation to generation to let the younger generation do not forget of their origin.

So it is up to you to believe about the legend stories of Mount Kinabalu rather you want to keep it a real story to you or just a myth that being told from older generations.

Visit Sabah this coming year 2020 and have a chance to climb the beautiful Mountain Kinabalu.

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