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Unbelievable, Mt. Trus Madi Give A Different Satisfaction Rather Than Mt Kinabalu?

Mount Trus Madi, the second-largest mountain in Sabah after the mighty Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia greatest Peak. It is one of the eco-tourism and mountain climbing destinations.

The Mt. Trusmadi can be seen from Mt. Kinabalu lower peak.

Mount Trus Madi proves to be a destination worth exploring and a climb that is considered valuable to triumph over. It should be on the climber list to conquer even they have already climbed the mighty Mount Kinabalu.

The mountain area is located within the Trusmadi Forest Reserve where it supports a wide range of unique Flora and Fauna.

Mt. Trusmadi

It is located 106 KM from the city center Kota Kinabalu, it will take a long journey to arrive within two and a half hours of driving from the city center.

It has three climbing trails which are Wayan Kaingaran (Tambunan), Wayan Mastan (Keningau), and Wayan Manan (Sinua, Sook, Keningau).

Here is why Mount Trus Madi give a different satisfaction rather than Mount Kinabalu that you should know : –


The trails are even more challenging than Mount Kinabalu trails and prove to be equal. The starting point of Trus Madi begins at easy boardwalk trail with some stairs along the way to get to the rest house where climbers will staying there overnight.

Climbers will need to trek in the dark and climb the steep rocks that are almost vertical, with only the help of the rope. Like fallen tree trunks and branches, there would also be obstacles along the way, so climbers must be aware.


Mount Trus Madi attracts with fewer tourists and climbers every year as opposed to Mount Kinabalu, most likely because it is not as commercialized. For the traveler in Sabah, you can claim it’s the less-traveled route.

The jungle tracks are completely intact and nearly untouched. The rest of the house is most likely not for the whole climbers since not many tourists come to Mount Trus Madi.

Therefore, a climb up Mount Trus Madi is sure to make both a rare and intimate nature and a worthwhile adventure.


Mount Trus Madi holds a variety of birdlife and fauna. Along the trail, climbers will be stumbling on numerous animals and plant species, including nepenthes, found only at Mount Trus Madi.

It was a perfect climbing for those nepenthes enthusiasts when visits and climb Mount Trus Madi.


The view is simply stunning and the fact that Mount Kinabalu is in the background, framed by a flush of clouds, makes the view unique from a summit!


All in all, it is certainly different when you climb Mount Trus Madi, but for trekking enthusiasts and adventurous hikers, it is equally physically and mentally difficult.

If you’ve yet to conquer Mt. Kinabalu and plan to do so one day, why not start out with Mt. Trus Madi as your training turf first?

If you’re able to succeed in taking on Mt. Trus Madi, then you know you will have no problem with Mt. Kinabalu.

Moreover, it takes only one weekend to climb Mount Trus Madi. It is a different environment, different landscape, different view, which gives you a fresh and useful experience.

Is there any wishlist once in your lifetime for Mount Trus Madi? Definitely!

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