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Santubong Hide a Fairyland and Turn It Into The Most Popular Traveling Spot.

Who said that you must spend a lot of money fly to Bali to get such a great enjoyment? Now you can drive away from the dust and devote yourself to the embrace of nature by driving for 40 minutes from Kuching City on weekends.

Almost no one dared to believe that Santubong, 40 minutes from Kuching, hides a fairyland on earth and turns into the most popular wanderlust spot.

The Culvert, which won the attention of locals heart at first and the first hotel in Sarawak which looks like a capsule, now visits by many locals and foreign tourists for a years to come.

They grabbed everyone’s heart through exquisite rooms and facilities. Imagine living in a hotel surrounded by nature, playing comfortable music at night, blowing by the sea breeze and looking up at the stars, what a wonderful life!

The capsule like-style room is perfect for everyone to take pictures. The point is that you absolutely can’t imagine a small space and even a toilet.

It can only said that this space is too perfect to be planned – both stylish and warm, it is very suitable for lovers who are in love to come here for a relax moments.

Although there is no television installed in the room, The Culvert Santubong is very attached to the Tablet. You can connect to the Internet, and start watching Youtube or Netflix to watch your favorite series and videos.

You will never get bored to staying at the room because you are surrounded by the amazing nature. The feeling of getting away from the city is really great when you are here.

There are two swimming pools, one next to the restaurant and the other facing the sea so that you can soak in the water and enjoy the sunset view of Santubong.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as exquisite bartenders that are waiting for you. It is highly recommended to enjoy life for one night with your friends to come here at The Culvert Santubong.

The Culvert also offers a “Afternoon Tea Package” so you can soak in the cool pool and sipping a tea while waiting for the sunset. The afternoon tea set comes with three drinks, pizza, sandwiches, kebabs, burgers, etc.

There are many locals and tourits staying at The Culvert just for to watch this beautiful sunset. No one can resist the temptation of this picturesque beauty.

You probably would not be regret when you got up the next day after staying at The Culvert Santubong for one night. You can enjoy the satisfaction and happiness of every moment for your staying.

If you feel that life is stressful and you want to escape to a quiet place to enjoy the thrill of being embraced by nature, then this place is one of the most suitable for you.

Sometimes life can be very simple. As long as you pay for your hard work, all your troubles will disappear instantly.

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