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10 “Romantic” Location for Honeymooners in West Coast Division of Sabah.

Some couples had already plan their vacation to overseas for honeymoon. Basically, it is depends on their budget to plan a vacation. But how about for those couples that want to save cost for honeymoon?

In the West Coast Division in Sabah, it is offers the reasonable budget for your honeymoon vacation. For sure, it is also romantic as like going to the overseas. Why spend so much when you can save so much for honeymoon?

It is true that you live only once but you live is to live especially for the married couples and will enter into a family life after the marriage. So spend your budget wisely.

Sabah is known for its rich diversity of cultures, ethnicities and religions as well as its amazing nature. This diversity shows that Sabah can also be a tourist attraction. So why you need to spend more when you can save more for your honeymoon vacation? Plus, it is “ROMANTIC” as well.

Here are 10 Romantic places at West Coast Division of Sabah:

1 . Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru beach is the must visit place for honeymooners to visits in West Coast Division of Sabah. Located only 6km from the City Center of Kota Kinabalu. This relaxing beachside destination is ideal for relaxing while watching the sunset.

There are a number of beachside lodging and hotel options that are a popular destination for honeymoon travelers in Kota Kinabalu such as Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, Seapark Condotel and more.

Tanjung Aru is more to beach activities like sightseeing, BBQs, family picnics and more. No water activities are being conducted in Tanjung Aru.

2 . Kokol Hill

This place is the most romantic place that you can visit with your partners to showing your love. With a beautiful panaroma above the sea, love ones and you can enjoy an exciting moment during your visits.

The mountain scenery and panoramic views of the sunset over Kokol Hill are amazing. About one hour of driving from Kota Kinabalu, you will arrive with breathtaking during your journey to Kokol Hill which located at Menggatal.

You can see the sights of the city of Kota Kinabalu as well as the islands from here. There numbers of accommodation that you can stay with your couples when you at Kokol Hill.

3 . Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre

A great place for couples to see birds and mangrove forests. From here it has a boardwalk that makes it easy for travelers to walk and see the beauty of mangrove forests and wildlife.

The destination also has an observation deck to allow tourists to see the beauty of the surrounding from higher ground. The scenery is very beautiful especially in the morning.

There is also a muddy footpath that visitors can walk through. If you don’t want to get muddy, just go through the boardwalk here.

4 . Peak of Hope, Tuaran

The Peak of Hope is one of the latest attraction in Sabah. The main activity here is photography. However, you can also try the paragliding offered here. Many families also come here to spend their time enjoying the scenery while barbequing.

The combination of creative design and nature will surely amaze you. You can watch the sunset from here. With 40 KM from Kinabalu City, this peak is located at Kampung Mosung, Tuaran. Those who like to enjoy nature are advisable to visit here.

5. Monsopiad Cultural Village, Penampang

For honeymooners traveler who want to learn about the culture, customs and arts of Sabahans especially Kadazan, you are highly recommended to Monsopiad Cultural Village that located at Penampang.

Complete with basic visitor facilities and offers a wide range of activities to do such as shoveling, watching cultural dances, learning how to live like them, and more.

This resort is perfect for honeymooners who want a relaxing activity. You can spend up to 2 hours here getting to know the people of Sabah.

6. Mantanani Island, Kota belud

When you traveling with your partner to Sabah, this island is the most suitable place for you to visits to have an exciting water activities such as snorkeling, sightseeing, diving and more.

It has a beautiful and amazing view of the sea with crystal blue sea. From Mantanani Island, the object of Mount Kinabalu can be look even it is far away from the sight.

You will have an unforgettable momment to Mantanani Island because of the natural beauty of the Island itself. Your honeymoon visits will be more worthy to visits Mantanani Island.

7 . Tambatuon, Kota Belud

Kota Belud is very famous for stargazing activity and for those honeymooners, you can make a wish if you see a shooting star fall from the sky for last forever love with your partner.

Besides that, you can choose to stay a night in Tambatuon whether a Campsite or Homestay. Basically, couples would stay a night on a tent to feel the nature at the night with sounds of the river from here.

If you choose to stay at homestay, there are facilities that visitors can enjoy provide by the owner so the visitors will feel comfortable to visits Tambatuon and will come again for next time.

8 . Kiulu White Water Rafting

The Kiulu area is very popular with adventure activities such as ATVs, Ziplines and even water rafting along the Kiulu river which is classified in grades 1 and 2.

For couples who are adventurous, this is your chance to overcome your bravery. The water rafting challenge on the Kiulu river is not too extreme and is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the water rafting experience on the river.

Fun activities here are enough to complement your holiday with your spouse.

9 . Desa Dairy Farm

Listed as the must-visit-place in Sabah by both local and foreigner, Desa Dairy Farm is one of the top attraction in Sabah. There are lot of thing you can do here. They also sells fresh milk for the visitors.

You can watch the cows milking process from above. While enjoying the amazing scenery there, you can also feed the cows and lambs by buying the provided foods for the animals at the counter.

Many couples took pre-wedding photos here as the panorama is extremely fascinating with the Mount Kinabalu as background. With cool fresh air and amazing landscape, Desa Dairy Farm offers you a very nice place to spend the holiday with your loved one.

10 . Culvert View, Kundasang

Do you like to take photos?. If yes, then you should come to Culvert View, Kundasang. This place is one of the top choices that most of the photographers for their photoshoot. Enclosed between the Kinabalu Mount and hills, you can feel the cold fresh air here.

If you plan to stay overnight with your partner, you can try here. This place also provides limited accommodation with a reasonable market price. The accommodation was designed with creative innovation to attract more visitor.

You do not have to worry about where to buy foods as this place is located near to Pekan Kundasang, with only 5 minutes drive. Besides, you can also visit the War Memorial in Kundasang as it is located very close to the Culvert View. Killing two bird with one stone is the greatest thing to do during travelling.

In conclusion, there is a lot of honeymoon vacation that located in Sabah such as Semporna, Kudat, Tenom, Beaufort and other division. West Coast Division is the nearest from all of this.

You can always plan to go to other Division if you wanted to and still can save your budget.

In addition, honeymooners will be very satisfy with the vacations with an unforgettable moment with their partner as it will be carved in their mind forever. Be here for your vacation, West Coast Division always waiting and give you the BEST!

By : Shamsul

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