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Will “Homestay” really overcome the shortage of rooms in Sabah?

Homestay definition

Homestay is a form of tourism that allows visitors to rent or stay in a short-term rooms accommodation from local families.

Kiulu Farmstay, Tamparuli.

It is sometimes used by people who want to improve their language skills and become familiar with the local lifestyle.

Fazanish Homestay, Keningau.

Homestay today are gradually improvised and was enlarged to meet the demand of travelers, who looking for larger units and a longer period of stay.

Bumblebee Homestay, Kota Kinabalu.

Such accommodation could solve the problem of the shortage of hotel rooms in the state caused by the increased tourists visiting those famous places.

Maspul Homestay, Tawau.

Homestay or short-term accommodation is not new. It starts after the homeowner leases their home or extra room to the guest.

B-Inspired and Humble Hobbits, Kundasang.

Types of Homestay

Homestay’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, largely due to the Internet facilitating the booking process.

Dreamland Beach Holiday Homestay, Kudat.

There are many different types of Homestay available in Sabah which has a very interesting and impressive view.

Marakau Cabin Lodge, Ranau.

There are various types of homestays located either in a city or village. Those homestays can be a campsite, farm-like homestay, cultural homestay and many more in Sabah.

Homestay Pn Hjh Aishah Salleh.

Visitors can take part in local activities, including dining out, going to amusement parks, camping, and sightseeing.

Wook Wook Homestay, Semporna.

Occasionally, visitors can only rent a room inside the home, with minimal supervision from the host.

D’ Gaya Homestay, Sandakan.

For example in Tambatuon at Kota Belud, there is a homestay that has a campsite area for visitors to enjoy the camping activity and also provide a telescope for stargazing.

Tambatuon Homestead, Kota Belud.

Furthermore, this would help to minimize the problems of lack of rooms due to the high demand from a tourist that choosing the top area in Sabah. This will contributes to the increase in the number of tourists visiting Sabah in the year of Visit Malaysia 2020.

Marudu Homestay, Kota Marudu.

Problems of accommodation in Sabah

Have you ever been through a time where you went to book a place to stays and the accommodation provider did not have any room for you to stay?

You keep looking but by then all the accommodation is full?

Visitors or tourists with minimal knowledge about tourism in Sabah always face this problem as they could not find a suitable place to stay around their destination picked.

The lack of room was due to the tight bookings and the hotel was full because of increasing of tourists coming to Sabah especially tourists from China.

Due to this issue, it must be regulated to prevent dissatisfaction from tourists and negatively impact Sabah tourism. Hence, more homestay are builded in order to solve this problem.

In view of the short-term accommodation that is becoming increasingly popular, it is time for appropriate controls and regulations to be implemented to ensure the safety of tourists is not compromised.

Contracts and regular agreements

To alleviate the problem, a contract or written agreement between the owner of the homestay and the visitor must be executed.

The verbal agreement alone will cause problems with the homestay agreement once the visitor has settled.

Contracts typically outline what is expected of the owner’s homestay with visitors, which may include things like work to do (for example, cleaning, washing), chairing orders, internet use, television, and / or telephone, smoking, drinking, and consumption of drugs.

The agreement can also explain what the homestay owner provides, such as accommodation, furniture, facilities, food provision, transportation, communications, and entertainment.

Basically, the homestay owner must provide a special room with keys for sleeping and a bathroom for guests to use. Most other facilities can be negotiated in terms of availability and price.


Sabah will always be open to donations and participation from the private sector to meet the demands of the hotel industry while addressing the environmental challenges of making Sabah a better place to live.

Collaboration from the construction industry, government agencies and the public as a whole has made a huge impact in this sector to be more responsible. We can and we must make changes.

Will Homestay really overcome the shortage of rooms in Sabah? What about your opinion? Leave a comment for your answer. 😉

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