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9 reason why HIKING can be your most HEALTHIEST activity.

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

Today, climbing a hill or more commonly known as “Hiking” is very popular among many people. It is one of the healthiest activities for them to temporarily forget about the busyness of their world.

Hills at sapi Island.

Hiking is a great choice as an activity for your leisure time. Do you know why it can be your most HEALTHIEST activity? Here are some reasons based on conducted research.

1 . Hiking can make you ALWAYS HAPPY

According to a study from Stanford University in 2014, hiking can enhance and create excitement and reduce anxiety. By logically, the excitement will increase as you reach the top of the hill.

2 . Hiking helps to PREVENT DEPRESSION from a person

Doing 90 minutes of hiking in nature can reduce depression in the brain, according to a study published by the LA Times. Positive vibes create a happy surrounding.


Believe or not, hiking do reduce stress due to all the challenges and obstacle in our daily life. While hiking with your friends, for sure you will shares some story or problems with them along the journey. Sharing is caring. This can lessen the burden in your shoulder. No more stress.

Gunung Wakid, Tambunan.

4 . Hiking helps to SOLVE PROBLEMS

According to a study published by the Huffington Post, spending time climbing hills can increase your problem-solving skills by 50%. Can you believe it? It sounds amazing.

Bukit Botak, Sepayar.

5 . Hiking helps IMPROVE MEMORY

With just one hour spent with the natural environment, your memory performance will increase by 20%, according to a study at the University of Michigan.

6 . Hiking helps to BE CREATIVE

As you climb to the top with friends, hiking helps you generate many new creative ideas as your brain productivity is increased. A healthy brain can help the hikers to develop their creativity skills which useful for daily routine.


For someone who enjoys mountain climbing or challenging hiking activities, the effect is the same as if you were doing cardio exercise. Hiking makes you fit and helps burn up to 500 calories in one hour.

8 . Hiking is good for HEALTHY HEART

By hiking, it lowers the probability of getting high blood pressure and also reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. Climbing at a higher altitude is good for your heart.

Maragang Hill, Kundasang.

9 . Hiking PROMISES FUN with your loves one

If you have family members and friends who share the same hobby of hiking, invite them along because it gives you maximum joy and satisfaction when you get to the top with your loved ones.

There are many hiking places in Sabah such as Maragang Hill, Bukit Botak, Bukit Perahu, Bukit Kopungit, Tun Fuad Hill, Sosondikon Hill and many more including those hills that has not been discover yet.

Hoping that this information is useful to the people for their health.

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