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Can the Events of Racial Integration Really Strengthen Sabah’s Unity?

Sabah Community

Racial integration is very important in establishing the image of Sabah as a tourist destination because of its multi-racial community and strong unity.

Racial integration includes goals such as levelling barriers to association, creating equal opportunity regardless of race, and the development of a culture that draws on diverse traditions, rather than merely bringing a racial minority into the majority culture.

Sabah Community

Organizing any program by any ethnic group in Sabah is highly encouraged especially in the form of racial unification.

In Sabah, there are more than 30 ethnic and more than 130 sub-ethnic with their own uniqueness for their ethnics.

It is great pride in fostering a sense of unity among the people and showing tourists that Sabah is not only rich with the untouched nature, but Sabah is also rich in ethnicity that lead to unity.

Ethnics in Sabah

The famous event in Kota Belud, “Big Market” is one of the bigger event held to build the racial intergration among the people all over the state which held in October. Merchants can trade their goods to visitors.

Noteworthy, it is believed that such a medium will foster greater unity among various races in our state by organizing such big events, for instance, the events organized by the community of Kota Belud.

Many ethnic from all over the Sabah will visits to Tamu Besar Kota Belud. As we can see, this event unify all of the ethnicity in Sabah as they interact to each other.

Racist provocations need to be rejected, as provocations aimed at racial profiling in Sabah will break the unity that has been built so far. Besides, this chaos will disturb the growth of economic activity in Sabah.

In addition, the mentality of Sabahan also needs to be positive and always strive to be more progressive. This kind of mentality can enhance their productivity and at the same broaden their way of tolerating with others.

It can help the people in a state with multi-racial to be more competitive towards one another. It also enhances the development of Sabah’s society to become a culture that can emulate foreigners countries.

Some of the programs that involve racial integration are Pesta Kalimaran;Tenom, Regatta Lepa; Semporna, Pesta Kaamatan; Penampang, Pertandingan Tugu Budaya Etnik Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Tamu Besar KB; Kota Belud, Karnival e-Padaidi; Tawau and .many more are found in Sabah.

Such events need to be maintained to reinforce the unity in Sabah especially for the younger generation to bring Sabah’s image to the world.

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