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Produce Mooncakes from a Combination of Chinese and Sarawak Traditions? 😱

Moon Cakes or Mid-Autumn Festivals are the second most celebrated by the Chinese usually in September or October according to the Chinese lunar calendar and the moon cakes are an obligatory and symbolic celebration of what is seen as the unifying day of the whole family.

In Sarawak, the moon cake served is unique because it is combined with “Kek Lapis Sarawak(KLS)”. When we talking about KLS, automatically most people will relate it with Sarawak because the kek lapis is synonym with “Land of the Hornbill” which is a popular favourite regardless of the community.

It attracts tourists who come to Sarawak either from within or foreign country because of its unique taste and bought KLS as a gift to their families and friends.

For those who are looking for something different, you can try the Mooncake by KLS produced by Maria Ngui Sai Moi in conjunction with the Mooncake festival which will be celebrated by the Chinese community in this early September.

The celebration made at the Mooncake Festival’s last year have positive feedback as there are many people love her handmade cakes innovations of “Mooncake Lapis”.

She received a lot of order from Sibu, Sarikei, Miri and also Sabah. Her product was certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) proving her product can be consumed by the Muslim.

Maria explained that she offers two types of mooncake filled with the Kek lapis which named as “Snow Skin” and “Baked Skin”. The are many choices of flavours available for both types of mooncake.

While preserving the Sarawak’s identity in traditional food, she made a creative transformation of the mooncake that is usually made up of red beans, lotus seeds and salted egg yolks into something different.

The combination of Chinese and Sarawak traditions to produce mooncakes is one of very creative innovation.

This effort will not only attracts local mooncakes fans but also makes it a favourite for international fans to enjoy the mooncakes called “Sarawak Layered Mooncakes” and can increase visitors to come to Sarawak.

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