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Finding a “magical” Getaway in Kuching to Escape from the daily bustle?

Located away by 60KM from the capital city of Kuching, Borneo Highland is one of the most exciting and unique environmentally friendly resort.

Enclosed in a lush jungle and snuggled within the hills 1000 meters above sea level, it is a retreat one of its kind.

The lush tropical rainforest’s with untouched natural beauty, Borneo Highland is the perfect choice for a getaway to escape from the daily bustle.

In addition, visitor need to get ready to be mesmerized by the spectacular scenery and enjoy the cool temperature of around 18 to 28 degree Celsius.

The cool breeze blowing helps you to improve your mood so that you can be more relaxed.

Visitor would not have to worry about food supply during their visit. This is because there are restaurant provided for visitor to buy some food.

Visitor are allowed to choose their own food and asked the chef to cook for them by visiting the organic farm.

If the visitor are lucky enough, they will able to have a chance to see the Kalimantan.

There is a spot called the Kalimantan Lookout Point, in which visitor can have a bird’s eye view of the Kalimantan all the way from Sarawak, Malaysia.

Besides, there are more attractions there such as Flower Garden, Rabbit Park, Horticulture Nursery, Organic Farm, Simangas Waterfalls and Chinese Tea House.

There is also a horse ranch which allows the visitor to experience riding a horse in such amazing scenery. Visitor will need to pay for the horse riding fee. 

Borneo Highland also provide a cosy room for visitor who planned to stay overnight.  The room are surrounded with the greenery and the air are cool enough to help the positive vibes increased.

For anyone who planned to shoot for their wedding photos, Borneo Highland should be one of the top choices as this place provide amazing landscape.

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