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What was the Impact on Borneo due to the Burning in Amazon?

The destruction of the rainforest in Amazon is a great blow as it plays a very important role in relieving global warming.

The largest burning in history. at Amazon Rainforest.

The devastating wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest have brought a lot of damage to the eco-system of the rainforest. It is the worst burning case in the world and has killed many animals.

Scientists have warned the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is undermining efforts to tackle climate change.

Animals are dying.
Plants are destroyed .

Of course, you wonder what has to do with Borneo Island as a result of the rainforest burning?

Borneo, the world’s third largest island, accounts for just 1% of the world’s land yet holds approximately 6% of global biodiversity in its rich, tropical forests.

This is Borneo Island.
Source from WWF.

Borneo has about 3,000 species of trees, more than 1,700 species of orchids There are 10 primate species, over 350 bird species, and 150 reptile andamphibian species. There are 10 primate species, over 350 bird species, and 150 reptile andamphibian species.

Its species range from the distinct Bornean orang utans and elephants to the giant pitcher plants and Rafflesia flowers. Yet this diversity is under threat.

Borneo has already lost over half its forests, and a third of these disappeared in just the last three decades.

Forest fires cause air pollution. Carbon dioxide gas, monoxide, water vapor and other hydrocarbons will float in the air. If the gas is present in large quantities it will cause haze to occur and cause air pollution.

Forest fires cause air pollution.

Forest burning causes an increase in the temperature of the earth. Plants in forests are green cover that protects the earth from direct sunlight. Forest burning causes the forest plant to not function as a sunscreen.

Besides that, it also has a negative effect on the Borneo, which will cause the economy to decline. The forest has many hardwoods. If it burns, it will disrupt Borneo’s economy due to forest fires.

Wildlife rescued by volunteers in Borneo.

In addition, human health will also be affected as forest fires cause haze. Haze gases invade the lungs and affect the human respiratory tract. It is causes eye and skin diseases.

Based on the devastating history of the Amazon rainforest, Borneo should be protected from global warming against human greed that has led to the destruction of these forests.

Animals that are being save from Borneo rainforest burning.

The deforestation in Borneo has been increasing since the last century. The main driver that caused the rising in deforestation is the palm oil plantations, pulp plantations, illegal logging and forest fires.

Deforestation has driven up hottest day temperatures.

Malaysia and Indonesia produce about 87% of the global supply that leads to the opening of more oil palm plan plantation. Besides, pulp plantation and illegal logging have become ways of life for some communities.

Most fire in Borneo are set for land-clearing purposes. Today fire is as yet set every year for land clearing in agricultural areas and degraded forests.

At the point when conditions are dry, these flames can without much of a stretch spread to adjacent forest land and burn out of control.

Logging activities somewhere in Borneo.

In conclusion, this burning can be stopped if we conserve our forests and take action against those who are not responsible for destroying the forests to prevent them from continuing and endangering the lives of forest animals, plants and even us.

Take lessons from the biggest wildfires in the Amazon and destroy wildlife and plants for weeks. Together, we save Borneo rainforest. Without expecting, we also save the earth.



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