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Planning for a Vacation To Sabah This Year? Do It In October.

Have you planned for a vacation to Sabah? You don’t know yet which location to choose for a vacation in Sabah?

You should do it in the month of October. Kota Belud is the best location because something great will happen in October.

Kota Belud welcoming you.

This long-awaited annual event will bring great meaning to all Sabahans especially the residents of Kota Belud. This excitement can be experienced with visitors from within or outside the country.

This annual event from Kota Belud is called Tamu Besar Kota Belud (TBKB) or also known as Kota Belud’s Big Market. Every year, people from all over Sabah will visits Kota Belud for this remarkable event.

Tamu Besar Kota Belud (Kota Belud’s Big Market) is the greatest, traditional, open-air market in Sabah, Borneo. October 26 and 27 this year 2019, is the date for this event starting at 8am.

A yearly occurence in Kota Belud, Tamu Besar is cornucopia of scents, sights and sounds as merchants gladly set up their stalls to sell their products during this 2-day showcase.

Among the most anticipated performances during TBKB are buffalo races, a colorful parade of horses and Bajau horsemen (Cowboys of the East), crowing of the Ratu Sarempak, Queen of Sarempak, Tanjak Pahlawan, the contest of kuih making, as well as the chirping birds contest.

Buffalo races.
Cowboys Of The East.
Queen of Sarempak.

Another interesting thing that you can find at TBKB was it is provided attic shops, handicrafts such as rattan mats and baskets, machetes, clothes, shoes, fruits, and farm produce, as well as arts and cultural performances.

Handicrafts stalls during TBKB.
Traditional foods stall.

TBKB are special because it is not only a place for selling local goods but also a field that promotes the spirit of unity and harmony among the locals and visitors in Sabah.

Catch a ride from the bus station located next to the Merdeka Field in Kota Kinabalu. Buses travel to and from Kota Belud from 7am to 5pm daily.

There is no fixed schedule because buses leave as soon as they are fully occupied. It is approximately one and a half hours of 90-kilometers journey.

Bus station located next to the Merdeka Field.

If you want the convenience of going to Kota Belud, you can book a two-day car rental. You can book it from Flinstone Car Rental & Tours and (Dennis-0128298158) or Eurocar (operated by Borneo Trails Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd).

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