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Unbelievable! How May School Holiday in Sabah Becomes Very Entertaining?

What are your children doing during the school holiday? Nothing? Children need parental attention especially during the school break. School holidays are a great time to strengthen our relationships with our children.

During this school holiday, do you take your kids to a place where they can be entertained? There may be parents who bring their children on vacation overseas or outside Sabah. Is it boring to be on holiday in Sabah?

At the same time, we can comfort ourselves from the stress of work during our children’s school holidays. In Sabah itself, there are many entertaining places that can attract visitors.

Here IS UNBELIEVABLE 6 most entertaining places in Sabah that is suitable for a family visiting during this school holiday : –

1. B.E Wonderland, Kundasang

Want a unique vacation? Come to Mount Valley Recreation with your children. The great thing you should try is to enter B.E Wonderland as there are several sections that will satisfy you and your children.

There are several section at B.E Wonderland at Kundasang. They are Winter section, Autumn section, Traditional section and another 8 more section that you should explore it yourself because it is not surprise if you know it all.

From Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang would takes 2 hours and within 95 kilometers. You can go there either you want to drive or chartered to arrives. Here is suggestion for car rental for you which is Flinstone Car Rental & Tour Service Sdn. Bhd and Eurocar (operated by Borneo Trails Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd) if you not using your own car or not from Sabah or nearby area.

If you are plan to stay overnight at Kundasang, these are the list of the best accomodiation provided which are Kundasang Mount Valley Recreation and Resort, Mile 36 Lodge, Wayn Zen Cabin, Kundasang Green Hills Homestay and some others.

Enjoy this school break with your family at B.E Wonderland. Remember, you have to visits all the section unless you want to be regret.

2. De Borneo Waterpark, Kota Kinabalu

AMAZING! This is a new attraction water theme park. Its just operated last July. In this school holiday, it is an exciting moment to do with your family and for sure you will have a good times in De Borneo Waterpark. Children loves it!

It tooks about 15 to 20 minutes of drive to this Waterpark in Kota Kinabalu from City Centre. Do not worry about the transportation there are Taxi, GRAB, BORRIDE and MAXIM in Kota Kinabalu that can bring you to De Borneo Waterpark. If you own or rent a car, you always can drive!

At De Borneo Waterpark, you can stay overnight if you wish to stay to watch the view at night. The night at De Borneo Waterpark is very unique with neon lights. You also can stay at city centre if you were not from Kota Kinabalu.

It is a perfect family vacation starts here and you will satisfy their facilities that they provide.

3. KONDiS Point, Kiulu

Its time to chill and relax with your family. Go further outside the city center for a nature and river vacation. At the same time, you can plan a family camping because you would get the fresh air from here. Your children need to be introduce to nature.

This place is located at Kiulu near Tamparuli district. However, you have to drive to reach Kiulu and then reach KONDiS Point. It is about 1 hour above to arrive and you will amaze when you reach KONDiS Point with clean and non-polluted river.

Hut and cottage are provided for visitors if they like to stay overnight at KONDiS Point. This hut and cottage are build from “Bamboo” and can be stayed by 8 to 10 people. During weekend, this place are very packed with visitors.

The “Jambatan Gantung” connected to the other side of village and sometimes used by the hikers to climb the hills at KONDiS Point.

4. Sabandar, Tuaran

If you want to take the experience of being in the comboys area, you can visit “Cowboy Town Sabah” located in Sabandar, Tuaran. You can experience being a Cowboy in this Tuaran area.

It is 41 kilometers away from the city center, Kota Kinabalu and took about an hour to arrive. If you are not live in Kota Kinabalu, there is also GRAB, Taxi and you also can rent a car to drive there.

So cute! Every horses here have their own name and your children will love it. This is the time that you can build a strong relationship with your family by visiting Sabandar, Tuaran.

5. Kinomulok Garden, Ranau

Welcome to Kinomulok Garden. Are ready for the excitement? This is a children playground and also a trails for adults that want to ride ATV/UTV. Besides that, you will see an antic cars and vintage stuff at the entrance. Let’s Selfieee!

Another attraction that is provided at Kinomulok Garden is The Hobbit House. There are many Hobbit House here when you walk at the trails. Besides that, you can see mount Kinabalu at very clear sight.

It is 30 minutes from Kundasang to Ranau. It is located the same way when you going to Poring Hotspring. There are many place to stay at Ranau as homestays are provided nearby Kinomulok Garden.

Feel the nature and explore the trails. In addition, you can also capture a memory at a unique umbrella tunnel with a DIY Fan.

6. Polumpung Melangkap, Kota Belud

Adding a new place as a choice for this holiday school, Polumpung Melangkap View Campsite (PMVCS) is one of the top choices, especially for a group trip. For instance a family trip.

With the unpolluted river, jaw-dropping landscape of the majestic Mount Kinabalu and the cool air, this place should be on top of the list. This place is located at the amazing hillside of Kota Belud, Sabah. Visitor can either sleep there or just visit for a one-day trip.

This place is located 76.4 Kilometre from Kota Kinabalu and accessible by car with 1 hour and 20 minutes. Visitor either can rent a car or bus (charter) through any legal car rental website.

Alongside the journey, visitor can enjoy the scenery which can help them to get the feel of untouched nature. For those who want to stay for overnight, it is advisable to make an early reservation especially during school holiday or any public holiday.

This is because the number of a tent provided is limited and the place might also be packed with another visitor. The visitor also needs to bring their food and beverages as there are no convenient stores nearby.

7. Sankina Hotspring Park, Tawau

There is an airport in Tawau. If you are not from nearby district, you can take a flight of Malindo or AirAsia to Tawau and it is only takes about 50 minutes to arrive Tawau City. It would takes about 8 to 10 hours of drive by your own to arrive Tawau City from Kota Kinabalu.

It is advisable to using a car to be at Sankina Hotspring because it would take about half an hour or more to reach there. You can rent a car from airport and it is safe.

Do not worry about where you want to stay since Tawau have a lot of affordable price hotel and homestays if you planning to stay with your family at Tawau City. In addition, Tawau is a heaven for food hunters in Sabah.

8. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre , Sandakan

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan, Sabah with 43 sq km is another attraction should be included in the visiting bucket place.

This protected land consists of around 60 to 80 orangutans living peacefully and freely. Sepilok is considered as a useful education tool used to educate both locals and visitors.

Visitor from Kota Kinabalu can either drive themselves or by bus which take about 5 hours and stop at junction ‘Jalan Sepilok, a 2.5 walk from the centre.

However, visitor can choose to use the flight as there is a frequent flight from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan provided by Air Asia and Malindo. The flight only took around approximate 45 minutes.

There are many available lodge, resort and hotel that available nearby the Centre. Hence, a visitor who comes from far should not worry about a place to stay. Besides, Sepilok itself provide their resort and lodge.

In conclusion, this place that are listed is very entertaining during this school holiday. There are some more district that provided an entertaining vacation which is at Semporna, Beaufort, Tenom and Keningau. You should bring your family especially children and spend more time with them during this school holiday. HAPPY HOLIDAY AND HAVE FUN!


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