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Most people know about Tip of Borneo. Ever heard about the West Tip of Borneo?

The Tip of Borneo is the northernmost tip of Borneo located in the district of Kudat, in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The tip marks the meeting point of the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. The Tip of North Borneo also is well-known among global visitors.

Have you ever heard about the new place for attraction which is located at the west tip of Borneo ??

Telok Melano is a quiet beach with approximate 2-hour drives from the capital city Kuching, Sarawak. Telok Melano, also known as the “Lower Tip of Borneo”. This is because The Telok Melano’s was located at the west tip of Sarawak, next to Kalimantan, Indonesia.

With the newly opened road to Telok Melano, everyone can easily access here using cars. The famous “KILOMETER 0.00” signifies the starting point for the Pan Borneo Projects.

“Kilometer 0.00” starting point Pan Borneo Project.

During the drives, visitor can enjoy the view alongside the road as it can lift our spirits and make us feel more energetic. Here are some reasons why you SHOULD visit Telok Melano.

The newly opened road to Telok Melano, Sarawak.


The entrance fee is FREE. The first thing visitors can see from the parking lot is the wide blue ocean. Telok Melano offers breathtaking scenery of the beach combined with the pristine blue coloured waters of the South China Sea. There is a shop that provides an air sofa bed rental. Hence, the visitor can enjoy the scenery comfortably while resting using a nice air sofa bed .

Air Sofa Bed Rental

Visitor can do a lot of activities here such as sight-seeing, photography, barbeque, sports and also swimming. These activities can enhance the relationship between families and friends. For those who like to ride the ATV, they can rent the ATV that was provided.

ATV Ride

Visitors are allowed to bring their food to the beach for a picnic. Besides, they can also buy any foods sold at the beach. They also sell Halal food for Muslim visitors. Next, they also provide a homestay with a reasonable price for those who wanted to stay overnight or more.

In conclusion, Telok Melano is worth the long drive. The amazing view and activities help us to enjoy nature and relax at the same time. Take a day rest and come to Telok Melano.

By Ivy Syzlynda.

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