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How can Sarawak Prove That the RWMF2019 Event Becomes Lively in the eyes of the world? Here is the Reason.

Annual Biggest Event of Sarawak.

On the last Friday, the world’s largest festival was held in Kuching, Sarawak. The festival is the Rainforest World Music Festival. This event is an annual event for Sarawak hosted by the Sarawak Tourism Board. There are more than 20 countries involved making performance in the event. This is one of the events that enhances eco-tourism in the state of Sarawak. The event lasted for three days, 12, 13, and 14 with Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The place of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2019 is located in Sarawak Cultural Village where you can familiarize the cultures, ethnicities and traditional houses of the Sarawak community in Kuching. You will be presented with a traditional culture of various races in Sarawak and will certainly be entertained with their performances. What is more promising for visitors to come here is a safety and strict security for visitors to avoid any undesirable events. It is amazing because with such control, Sarawak can be seen as a state that is very concerned with the safety of tourists.

Beautiful decoration of RWMF2019.
The beautiful ethnic has spotted.
Everything is here.
To the Rainforest World Music Festival.

The Location.

The location is located in Sarawak Cultural Village located within 36 Kilometers from Kuching City and takes 46 to 48 minutes to reach the location. There are also bus facilities that send to Sarawak Cultural Village near Kuching City which is located at The Hills, Kuching. The bus departing from the city from 9am to 8pm. Each bus departing will wait for 1 hour to move to Sarawak Cultural Village. While the bus departing from Sarawak Cultural Village to Kuching City starts at 12:30 pm until 2:30 am. For those driving to the place, they will leave the car at Santubong Century and will take the van provided. The bus fare is also worth RM14 for both trips. You will be able to see the Santubong mountain while traveling to Sarawak Cultural Village from Santubong Century. It shows that the event is well organize because it can solve the problem of road congestion with a solution that is to provide vehicle facilities for visitors to go to RWMF2019.

Beautiful Nature and Surrounding.

When you arrive at Sarawak Cultural Village, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2019. The scenery around the area is also highlighted by the beautiful scenery of jungle, bird chirping and the beauty of nature that you can not be forgotten. You can also see the fantastic views of Damai Beach, which is close to Sarawak Cultural Village. The Hornbill monument stands on Damai Beach which symbolizes the harmony that exists on the Earth of the Hornbill. You can see the ocean view through Damai Beach and the Damai Beach architecture is perfect for visitors taking photos or videos with family or friends. In addition, you are also entertained by local musicians who will entertain you during sunset. It’s something quite unique because you can hear the sounds of music that are soothing at sunset. Close to Damai Beach, there are many tourists who set up tents to spend the night there to watch the three-days Rainforest World Music Festival 2019. Not surprisingly, if you feel like a foreign country as there are many tourists around the world who come to witness this lively event. These travelers want to experience themselves in Borneo to enjoy nature with a very calming music rhythm played from around the world.

Enjoying the sunset music at Damai Beach.
The musician soundcheck.
Hornbill, symbol of Sarawak strength.
Wow! This is amazing!
The tourists Camp Site.

A Moment You Will Never Forget.

This place is where the RMWF2019 located at. Organizers can also introduce ethnic and cultural Sarawak itself as it takes place in places of cultural and ethnic diversity. There is no doubt that most local people in Sarawak are very friendly and are happy to mingle with them because they can make visitors coming here feel comfortable. You do not have to pay in this time if you have purchased a pre-sale ticket of RM140.00 on the RMWF2019 website because you paid for the event once for the day. The amount you need to pay for 3 days is cheaper at RM345.00. The price is worth it because besides music, you can see cultural houses, cultural performances, see the various ethnicity and their use tools and so on. More interesting if you come with your friends or family, you can spend a long time with them. he relationship between your friends or your family is getting closer. Most importantly, you can entertain your heart with the music and dance performances performed during this event. RWMF2019 is one of the histories of your life that will never be forgotten.

The joy of a visitor who goes through a bamboo bridge at SCV.
Happy husband and wife.
You can also coming with your friends.
Unique tradisonal house at SCV.
Let’s find some foods.

Sound of the FOREST and TREE Attracts Tourists.

The RMWF2019 stage is just besides the corner from the forest covered with tall trees. It is amazing because your scenery is decorated with beautiful nature. It is in line with the theme of the Rainforest World Music Festival itself. People who come to Sarawak Cultural Village are also very excited about the beauty of nature besides family and friends. There are visitors who seem to be relaxing while carrying mats and food like having a picnic and it is a positive activity. There are visitors who relax in nearby huts while chatting with their friends and some are enjoying delicious food served at nearby stalls. They all want to look forward to the highlight of the real event that begins at night. There are also visitors waiting from the morning to see the highlight of the event, RWMF2019. You can see various characters from visitors during the day. Sound of the FOREST and TREES seems like calling the visitors to their feet to the site of the event. The highlight of the event was started with a ritual event to get the blessing to start the RWMF2019 event. Various types of dances and music performed on that day with their respective traditional musical instruments and dances from around the country involved during the RMWF2019. The most importantly, visitors are enjoying and feel the music.

The highlight stage ! FOREST and TREE stage.
A Ritual before the event started.
An amazing performance by Indonesian performers.
It feels like in the “Telenovela” for this band.
Another beautiful performers <3
Sound of Jazz and Raggae? Here is the band from Madagascar.

It Will be More Exciting to the Following Year.

Overall, this event was seen very lively and very entertaining for three days it took place this year. Response from tourists from outside and within the country also shows this event has a positive impact with them and left a deep impression on themselves. With such an event in Malaysian Borneo, it can attract more tourists to come to Malaysian Borneo for their experience of seeing the big annual events like RWMF2019. In addition, it will enhance the tourism industry found in Malaysian Borneo not only in the district of Kuching but also in other districts in Sarawak and Sabah. It is estimated that by 2020 in conjunction with “Visit Malaysia Year 2020”, more tourists from all over the world will attend the annual event such as RWMF.

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