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[MUST WATCH] Borneo Own Innovative Travel Tech is ready to transform the tourism environment!

Vacazzee family.

VISION: “ To assist SMEs in tourism industry and FITs in travel solution for fun filled vacation. ”

MISSION: “ To become No.1 travel platform in Malaysian Borneo by 2020 .”

MILESTONE: ” Market expansion to foreign country within ASEAN region by 2022 “

From left Max – Co-Founder & I.T Development and William – Founder & Business Development.
Shamsul – Market Development

VACAZZEE – Sabahan’s Own Innovative Travel Tech

What is Vacazzee? How did Vacazzee came about? The story begin in September 2018, the founder William Lee went to a rural area in Kiulu for a short vacation and he realized that there are many rural tourism players seeking attention from travel agents or tour companies in order to bring in more visitors and generate more income. As a multi-tasker in tourism industry for several years and also a licensed tourist guide, William did a lot of analysis and research of the tourism industry and finally he found an idea to solve the pain of the industry player and free independent travelers through an innovated e-platform. He presented the idea to his ex-colleague Maximilian, who is a software engineer, who liked the idea immediately and said, “Let’s do it”. Knowing that we are not experienced enough to run the platform, we made a decision to form an Advisory Board to give us advice as and when needed. Three very experienced professionals were asked to join as board members and they are Rural Tourism Advisor – Lasmin Lopog (The Founder of Kondis Point), Legal Advisor – Jesuthasen Nair (The representative lawyer of Ministry Domestic Trade & Affairs) and Financial Advisor – Stanley Foong (Retired Banker).

Private meeting between development team, advisory board and experienced accountant, we are all excited because we know something huge will hit Sabah & Sarawak tourism industry.
Current development team, from left, Samuel – Web & Apps Development, Max – Co-Founder & I.T Development, Shamsul – Market Development, William – Founder & Business Development, Audrey – Graphic Design
Vacazzee founder with Mr.Richard Ker, Manager of Cyberview.

The Journey of Vacazzee.

After finishing resource integration, we still need to get approbation of the idea from someone else, so we went to Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, together with relevant documentation to seek for feedback of the innovative idea. Mr.Richard Ker, Manager of Innovation & Commercialization Technology Hub Development Division spent more than one hour listening to the presentation and we were surprised that he was willing to become our Chairman of the Advisory Board cum I.T Advisor as a result. We registered the Company and officially launched the workplace after coming back from Kuala Lumpur. The main categories of Vacazzee platform consists of four items, which is Car Rental, Accommodation, Attraction and Activities with more innovative features to follow soon.

Founder was invited to speak in the ESE Program.
Picture above show the first pitch of Vacazzee idea in Cyberjaya.
Vacazzee have been selected to involve in Grill or Chill program organized by MaGIC in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, especially for Travel Tech Company, and Vacazzee is the only one company from East-Malaysia.

Rural Areas Small Medium Entrepreneur.

Tourism receipts play an important role in Malaysia’s economy. Total tourism receipts for Malaysia is RM84.1 billion in 2018 out of which Sabah accounts for RM8.342 billion (56% are FITs) and Sarawak RM7.95 billion for that year.

Why Sabah and Sarawak so attractive to tourists? It is because of the uniqueness of a combination of nature, native culture and rural tourism spots that is available to interested visitors. This is the reason why Vacazzee decided to kick start to assist travelers and industry players to have a user friendly platform for online solution for their needs towards their mutual benefits. A considerable area of Sabah and Sarawak is still in their nature habitat and yet to be fully developed. This is what most travelers like because the natural surrounding is still pristine stage to be enjoy by all.

It is our goal to helps the Free Independent Traveler (FIT’s) to solve their problem on planning their vacation to Malaysian Borneo so that they can have wonderful holiday time. Normally rural areas SMEs are always seeking better ways to promote their business to travel agencies and tourist around the world. This is where Vacazzee comes in to help them grow their business. Our vision is to provide helpful information to travelers so they can visits their destination of choice without hassle . That is why the tagline of Vacazzee is “Vacation Made Easy”.

Weston Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.
Kuala Penyu Farm Stay.
Pantai Rang Bulan, Kota Belud
Kinomulok Garden Hobbit House, Ranau
Kiulu Monggoluton River View & Camp

Introducing the Malaysian Borneo Tourism Activity in Social Sites and Blog Sites.

While awaiting for the website platform version 1 to be done developed, Vacazzee will keep on increasing its traffic in social media and blog site. Vacazzee will consistently post new and exciting information about Sabah and Sarawak for the benefit of our audience. The following are the first two videos that was made by the Vacazzee Team called “My Hometown My Dream” series with different episodes to follow:

My Hometown My Dream Series – Episode. 1 – Sibu
My Hometown My Dream Series – Episode. 2 – Kota Kinabalu
Vacazzee’s Twitter
Vacazzee’s social media site – Facebook.
Vacazzee’s Official Youtube Channel.

Vacazzee Platform Development.

Vacazzee website (version 1) is expected to be up and ready by in month of August 2019. Sabah will be the launching pad for Vacazzee. By December 2019, Vacazzee is expected to cover Sarawak as well. Users can directly book their vacation needs without any involvement from third party just with their fingertips. Vacazzee will be one of the 4 categories online platform for Visit Malaysia Year 2020. The Vacazzee Team will work extra diligently to grow our market in the ASEAN region by year 2022. To know more about the bright future of Vacazzee, here is the following introductory video:

Vacazzee’s Introductory Video

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