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Entertainment or Appreciation? Can Sugandoi Competition brings Relationships to remain Unity in Sabah?

Final Sugandoi Competition 2019 : An Official Event during the Ka’amatan seasons.

On May 29, 2019, Tuesday, a glorious event was held at KDCA Penampang, Sugandoi Kaamatan Hongkod Koisaan KDCA 2019. A total of 10 finalists participated in the final night of the competition.

It consists of participants from ten districts in Sabah bringing cultural and traditional songs in their area. The supporters who were present on that date were extraordinary because such competition could only be held once a year before the harvest festival arrived in Sabah.

This event is especially suitable for public viewing as it is an entertainment event for the whole family in conjunction with the harvest festival. Supporters present are of various races, religions, tribes and ethnic groups.

The diversity in Sabah makes Sabah a harmonious state in Malaysia because despite the differences, such competition events can strengthen the friendship of Sabahans to remain united.

The night are fulfill with amazing cultural and traditional songs brought by the finalist from 10 districts with their beautiful and powerful voices.

This event hosted by a funny man also intelligence with local language makes people who came out that night really enjoy with this special Final Sugandoi event.

Welcome to KDCA Penampang.
Mascott called “KARABAU” is Sabah the symbol of Sabah’s pride.
The red carpet for 10 finalis to entering to the official Sugandoi Venue at the KDCA Hall.

Entertainment or Appreciation?

Sugandoi’s final competition is an appreciation especially for Kadazan-Dusun people not to forget about the origins of culture and tradition and not to abandon it.

It also focuses on raising awareness among races and ethnic groups in Sabah if such competition is gone, the heritage of the nation will be extinct in modernization as young people refuse to join.

And this is what will spoil the success of unity among all the people of Sabah if they are not joining the event. With this event like Sugandoi, the heritage of the nation will be preserved as they are just singing the songs of culture and tradition.

Is it related to unity in Sabah? Of course, racial unity can be measured through efforts made to ensure that Sabahans can gather and support finalists with cheers aimed at Sugandoi participants.

It is an appreciation for the unity in Sabah although they are entertained with the entertainment presented by KDCA. Such things can further strengthen friendship among the people in Sabah.

Can you count the attendees?
The culture and tradition is not forgotten.
Pictures shows that unity among Sabahans is very close.

All of the finalist contestant for Sugandoi 2019.

1. Nadiatul Azia Binti Donatus, Keranaan.


2. Ronn Langad, Tambunan.


3. Nor Ain Awang Damit @Hassan, Karambunai.


4. Joyce Rufina Juanis, Pulau Pinang.


5. Adrian Dauli, Karamunting.


6. Presley Petrus, Labuan.


7. Eylia Eyre Guntabid, Luyang.

N. 16, LUYANG.

8. Mamat San bin Ambu, Tanjung Aru.


9. Dabra Sia Ying Ying, Kedamaian.


10. Erney Leonard Alai, Bingkor.


Tourism Target during The Harvest Festival in the month of MAY.

Kaamatan Festival celebrated by the Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community can be regarded as a major attraction of the tourism industry in the state.

The uniqueness of the celebration is to attract foreign and domestic tourists to make Sabah a tourist hub destination. Today we can see this festival not only in the cultural festivals but we see that it creates a lot of tourism products.

Many come from abroad in during this May celebration and we also know that the international tourists come to Sabah during the celebration just want to see the harvest festival celebration in Sabah.

A solid partnership between all parties must be created to further accelerate the economic and development prospects for future generations.

Local product from local entrepreneur.
Local E-Hailing Car Booking, Borride.
Local radio station,

As you can see during the month of May at KDCA itself, many local people are doing business at the KDCA site booth to introduce their own locally produced products.

In addition, young people participate in selling products such as food, beverages, local handicrafts, traditional goods and so on.

What attracts foreign tourists, the warm-heartedness shown by the people in Sabah makes tourists feel welcome to recognize the culture and traditions of the people in Sabah.

With the unity that has existed for a long time, it has made Sabah a developing and rich country with a diversity of races, cultures, religions and lifestyle. Although the Kaamatan Festival is celebrated with joy, however, Kaamatan’s appreciation is not just entertainment.

It is also one of the ways for young people not to forget the legacy of this nation to be introduced and uplifted to all corners of the world so that they know about Sabahans and emulate the cultures and traditions found in Sabah. Sugandoi is a platform for expanding the friendship in Sabah.

Through the melodious song and great voice, it is able to entertain the audience who come to feel and appreciate what SUGANDOI participants are trying to convey.

The Official Winners of Sugandoi Kaamatan Hongkod Koisaan KDCA 2019.

Champion : Dabra Sia Ying Ying, N.7 KEDAMAIAN.

1st Runner-up : Eylia Eyre Guntabid, N.16 LUYANG.

2nd Runner-up : Adrian Dauli, N.44 KARAMUNTING.

3rd Runner-up : Presley Petrus, KDCA LABUAN.

4rd Runner-up : Joyce Rufina Juanis, KDCA PULAU PINANG.

Popular Finalist : Ron Langad, N.32 TAMBUNAN.


Nadiatul Azia Donatus, Ronn Langad, Mamat San Ambu, Nor Ain Awang Damit Hassan, Erney Leonard Alai.

Congratulations for the winners of Sugandoi Kaamatan Hongkod Koisaan KDCA 2019.

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