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How This Labuan History Can Provide Satisfaction To Tourists that you should feel it once?

Evidence of the famous coal mining activities.

Labuan is a rather flat island of 95 square kilometers located at the northwest coast of Borneo, north of Brunei and south of Kota Kinabalu; capital of the state of Sabah.

The name Labuan derives from the Malay word labuhan meaning anchorage. It comprises seven islands; Labuan, Kuraman, Daat, Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil, Papan, Mayat and Burung.

Though the island is mainly known as an offshore financial center, it also has quite a few nice attractions. Another attraction and also activities that suitable to be visit when you to this island is visiting the Chimney Museum.

The Chimney Museum is located on the Tanjung Kubong, is a tourism product often visited by tourists from within and beyond Labuan. With a distance of 12 kilometers from Labuan Town, Chimney is an important monument in Labuan as evidence of the relics of coal mining activities at the age-old Tanjung Kubong and is a well-known historic landmark on Labuan Island.

Entrance for Chimney Museum.
Attraction for tourism that visits Chamney Museum.
Recognizing the nearby Chimney history.

Another attraction and activities for nature lover.

Despite the historic monument, which is one of the icons on the Duty Free Island, there is another attraction that Labuan local people are particularly keen on, especially for those who enjoy recreation and sightseeing while sweating the body.

Chimney Walking Trail located just outside the Chimney Museum is another tourist product in Labuan that visitors need to visit, where the atmosphere of the surrounding natural beauty is often amazed for those who first timer visit there.

The vast 2-kilometer pedestrian track by tracing a hilly trail to the Gedung Ubat, a long-standing building of Japanese military rule is very enjoyable while enjoying the magnificent view of the South China Sea.

For those who are more likely into dietary activities right now, Chimney Walking Trail is the most suitable place for activities such as walking or hiking which is to reducing the body weight.

Chimney Walking Trail
Enjoy sightseeing while sweating the body !
Can anyone guest who is made this building?
Beautiful of South China Sea.

More attention from Abroad.

In addition to walking, the track is also suitable for extreme cycling activities while recognizing the nearby Chimney history that was once known for its mining activities one time ago.

Nowadays, more and more people, especially the Labuan community, chose the Chimney Walking Trail as a recreational activity at the weekend, indirectly making the place more lively.

Apart from that, it attracts tourists from abroad to enjoy the scenery itself and experience the beauty of nature which is the attraction for them to visit there as well as being able to recognize the history of Chimney.

Therefore, for tourists visiting the Chimney museum, they should not miss the Chimney Walking Trail, which will definitely make a wonderful memory when visiting this island.

Extreme cycling activities

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