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8 Location of West Coast Division with Different Delicacies That you Should Try At Least Once.

Sabah West Coast Division and Favourite Delicacies.

West Coast Division in Sabah occupies the northwest portion of Sabah. The main indigenous inhabitants comprising the Bajau, Brunei, Kadazan, Dusun, Malay, Ilanun, and Kadayan, as well with a significant numbers of Chinese. The division is divided into the districts of Ranau, Kota Belud, Tuaran, Penampang, Papar, and the state capital Kota Kinabalu. The main towns are as in the names of the districts, plus other towns including Putatan, Inanam, Telipok, Tamparuli, and Kinarut. Sabah West Coast also famous with it delicacies follow with its different part of districts. All of the districts have their own special foods in their districts but in this article, it is only mention about 8 location of Sabah West Coast with different delicacies that ypou should try at least once. So here it is the delicacies or known as special foods on every districts from Sabah West Coast Division.

Yellow marked is where the West Coast Division of Sabah


If you go to Kota Kinabalu, you have to try this famous food that located at Fook Yuen Restaurant. This delicious food called Dim Sum. Despite this food can be found anywhere along in Kota Kinabalu City, Fook Yuen Dim Sum is special because its Dim Sum is certificate as HALAL food. For those who are Muslims, you do not have to worry about HALAL food at this Fook Yuen restaurant because it is guaranteed HALAL and has been approved. Fook Yuen Restaurant had opened many branch in Kota Kinabalu. So what are you waiting for? Its time to searching for a good DIM SUM at Fook Yuen Restaurant.

Navigation:,116.0758101,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x323b6985ef29398b:0x999f83232d94e7ba!8m2!3d5.985134!4d116.0779988 – (Gaya Street),116.0711085,16z/data=!4m3!1m2!2m1!1sfook+yuen+asia+city (Asia City),116.1095251,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x323b69155b02eab7:0x59ea857f8320c4de!2sFook+Yuen+Kolombong!8m2!3d5.9689042!4d116.1117138!3m4!1s0x323b69155b02eab7:0x59ea857f8320c4de!8m2!3d5.9689042!4d116.1117138 (Kolombong)

Fook Yuen Starcity.
Fook Yuen Gaya Street.
Dim Sum from Fook Yuen Restaurant.
Do not worries for all my Muslim brothers. The Dim Sum is HALAL.
Yum Yum Yum!


Proudly to introducing Mr Joy, the owner of ENJOY FISH SOUP NO.2 that running the food business with his wife at Pekan Kiulu. For your information, Joy has 8 years of cooking experience with 5 star hotel at Kota Kinabalu. No wonder his most recommendable fish soup was very unique and taste so good, it was hard to describe how delicious was this fish soup but we love it. The local people suggest our team to try here and it was perfectly delicious. At Joy restaurants, they did not provide menu for drinks but, you can have a drinks besides Joy Shops for drinks (kedai Runcit). We are really impressed with their harmony living neighbourhood here in Pekan Kiulu for helping each other on their society and that was inspiring us all. Mr Joy also making a mini catering that provide dishes that serve in Chinese food style.

For those who planning for camping, jungle trekking, white water rafting or anything else at KIULU, you are recommended to try Mr Joy restaurant, ENJOY FISH SOUP NO.2 at Pekan Kiulu to try his most SUPER delicious fish soup. We pretty sure you will not regret to try this delicious and delighted FISH SOUP from Mr Joey. Do not hesitate to coming here and don’t miss it to try it. COME ONE COME ALL.


The Owner of Enjoy Fish Soup 2.0.
Enjoy Fish Soup No. 02 at Pekan Kiulu.
The most delicious menu provide at Enjoy Fish Soup No.02.
Another delicious menu.. You can try it now or never!
I bet you never regret to try the fish soup here. It is worth to have the menu provides.


When we going around in Sabah, we will definitely want to find traditional food there. Our appetite will not be complete if we do not try some traditional foods that can only be found in Sabah. Thus, it introduced Sabah’s local pastry since its birthplace called “PINJARAM“. All traditional food lovers, KUIH PINJARAM or called PENYARAM or kuih UFO are traditional food for Bajau and Malay-Brunei tribes in Sabah. Kuih Penjaram can be easily found in Sabah as it can be searched in the market, as well as street stalls. Kuih Penyaram also served at various occasions such as weddings, engagements, feasts and many more. The ingredients needed to make this food are very easy to find. It only requires ingredients such as rice flour, wheat flour, “gula melaka” or grated sugar, salt, granulate sugar and cooking oil. You can found Pinjaram at Pasar Besar Kota Belud where there is a lot of Pinjaram. Before you going back home after your vacation at Kota Belud, please stop by Pasar Besar Kota Belud to get your PINJARAM.


Pantai Rang Bulan, Kota Belud.


So how about when you thinking about Tuaran Town? For sure when it comes to eat, you will thinking about the Tuaran Fried Noodles. Locals usually call it Tuaran Mee. Tuaran noodle is different from other types of noodle because the Tuaran Mee it is made of batter of egg yolk and flour. One of the most famous shops in Tuaran is Lok Kyun Restaurant. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for our brothers and sisters of Muslims because it was NON-HALAL foods. It has been operating for more than 60 years. Lok Kyun Tuaran Mee gives out a yummy taste of egg aroma and the springiness is just right. It is usually served with pork, Char Siew (BBQ pork) and Hakka Pork Egg Roll. What makes Lok Kyun Tuaran Mee nice is the noodle which is prepared on a small factory right above of their restaurant. If you are looking for an authentic Tuaran Mee taste, then Lok Kyun Restaurant is one of the place you should drop by.



When you passing by to Salut maybe going to Telipok, Sepanggar or Tuaran, it is impossible for you to not stop at the nearest stall at Salut to buy some of Coconut Pudding. Coconut Pudding at Salut is very famous among local Sabahans. This refreshing pudding you can find by the road when wandering around Sabah in Borneo. It tastes precisely like a young coconut juice and dissimilar to “western” puddings is reasonable for veggie lovers, as the gelatin utilized isn’t animal origin, however is made of agar powder, which originates from a algae seaweed. Your journey will be more enjoyable and refreshing when the coconut pudding is in your mouth. Of course, the taste of this coconut pudding is left on your tongue. This coconut pudding is also found in plastic cups for those who want to bring home. If you are in one of the coconut pudding stall in Salut, you must try the Coconut Pudding which is put into coconut fruit, it is very refreshing.


All of the stalls along in Salut Puding Kelapa Stall.
Recommended stall for Puding Kelapa.
It was taste so good!


If you go to Kundasang town, you will feel cold because the weather temperature is cool and you need something hot to warm your body. The answer is when you are hungry and here it is the roasted chicken wings at “Ayam Madu Wak Ali” in Kundasang. The chicken wings available here marinated with huge of honey that can amaze all visitors to feel the roasted chicken wings in their tongue. More interesting story about chicken wings at Ayam Madu Wak Ali is that you have to wait for a turn to order for your chicken wings as it is very popular in Kundasang. The demand for Ayam Madu Wak Ali is very amazing because the chicken wings can be sold out everyday. Want to know what is the specialty? You have to visits Kundasang yourself if you want to know how it taste like. You will fall in love at the first taste for Ayam Madu Wak Ali.

Navigation :,116.5749632,17z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sayam+madu+wak+ali!3m4!1s0x0:0xc9d97f2d98139a52!8m2!3d5.986033!4d116.5783075

Ayam Madu Wak Ali at Kundasang Town.
It looks tasty, marinate session with honey. Looks so delicious!


Ambuyat is a kind of dish made from Rumbia sago, sago which can be obtained from the inside of the Rumbia tree. Ambuyat is a famous local food in Brunei, as well as the Federal Territory of Labuan and the states of Malaysia such as Sarawak and Sabah where it is sometimes known as linut. In Brunei, sago Rumbia is known as Ambulung. The process to produce Ambulung is also known as the “mengarus” process. The process usually takes about a day. Currently, Rumbia or Ambulung sago is available in markets or tamu-tamu in Sabah in the form of packets. The way of providing this food is very easy and appropriate for the whole family. If you want to try Ambuyat with variety of dishes serve with Ambuyat, try it at D’Soka Restaurant where you can find Ambuyat serve with other dishes. D’Soka located along way drive between Papar-Kinarut. It is worthy to drive long way to get Ambuyat and you would not regret to taste this serious traditional food of Brunei.



Hinava is a traditional native dish of the Kadazan-Dusun people in the state of Sabah. It is made from fish and mixed with the lime juice, birds eye chili, sliced shallots and grated ginger. While the Kadazan are famous with their Hinava tongii. Hinava is very difficult to find as there are not many restaurants can make the process of making Hinava. Only a few places provide this Hinava dish. Most of Hinava is located in the Penampang area, one of them is Mee Sup Restaurant Pipin. Place location is the road between Penampang and Tambunan. If you are craving for this Hinava, you should try Hinava at the Mee Sup Pipin restaurant.

Warning: The meals provided are probably NOT HALAL to Muslims.

Navigation :,116.1161694,15z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sMEE+SUP+PIPIN+INOBONG!3m4!1s0x323b660106631d83:0x511161bc9342e370!8m2!3d5.9082968!4d116.132438

Mee Sup Pipin 1 at Penampang.
Special menu at Mee sup Pipin.

For food lovers out there, if you are planning to go for a day or a trip to the west coast of Sabah, you should try each of the specialties in each district on the west coast of Sabah. You will regret it if you do not try the special foods there. Do not come alone as you may just try this meal at least once. Bring your friends, family and loved ones together to enjoy the food at this West Coast.

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