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Mount Kinabalu clearly visible At the Top of Maragang Hill without Binoculars? Hiking mode-up for an incredible adventure.

Introduction of hiking activities in Sabah.

Why do you need binoculars when you can go-hiking yourself to clearly seen the scenery at the top of the hills? Many people nowadays enjoy to climbing or hiking to spend time with their family, friend or loved ones.

Hiking or climbing a hills is a well-known activities in Sabah especially for local people. There is almost every hills at Sabah had been discovered and now being a recreational places for leisure activities and enjoy stunning views.

Locals love to discover a new hiking and advance trails to explore the nature across the hills until the end of the hills.

Among the well-known hills in this “Negeri di Bawah Bayu” are Bukit Perahu (Tamparuli), Bukit Botak (Sepanggar), Bukit Tiram (Telipok) Bukit Tinorindak (Kundasang), Bukit Piramid (Kundasang), Crystal Hill (Kundasang) and many more.

It was a satisfaction when you reach at the top of the hills. Recreational hills in this state have become one of the tourist attractions and generate income for the locals as well as opening employment opportunities for youths.

Selfie at Bukit Perahu, Tamparuli.
Bukit Botak , Sepanggar
Bukit Tinorindak (Kundasang)
Pyramid Hill, Kundasang.

Exciting and challenging adventure for hiking at Maragang Hill.

Bukit Maragang is one of the new attractions in Mesilou, Kundasang. The hill was newly opened to the public in September 2017. Bukit Maragang is located in Mesilou which is close to the foot of Mount Kinabalu and its scenery is very close to the mountains.

Maragang Hill’s trails is almost the same as the mountain passageway and makes the “hikers” stunned by this incredible trails. The Maragang Hill had two hiking trail which is normal and loop.

At 2232 meters above sea levels, normal trail only takes one hour and a half to reach the top of Maragang Hill, to see the beauty of the curve on Mount Kinabalu, before the mist reaches the view to anyone that love hiking.

For the loop trail, the hike is about 4.3 kilometres from the starting point to the summit, taking about six hours back to the starting point. The loop trail taking you to the river with a 35 degree steep elevations and will go through to the horizontal trail about 1.3 kilometers.

No need for binoculars to catch the view because the view of mountain is just in front of your eyes. The views of green plants at the foot of the mountain are very clear and you can see the rocks at the foot of the mountain too.

It was definitely a fantastic view from the top of the hill. The local community built a platform on the Maragang Hill, a perfect view to take photos with an epic view of Mount Kinabalu as the background. It’s a breathtaking view, guaranteed!

Since the opening of the hill, the visitor that go to Maragang Hill keep increasing.

It is best to staying first before or after the hiking adventures.

If you want your travel to be more exciting, be pleasure to stay at any nearby local homestay and feel the cold night and warm air during the day.

Spent and catch a glimpse of Mounth Kinabalu during sunrise at the top of Kampung Mesilou. Don’t forget to explore mini-markets and stalls during night time for your dinner cooking.

Get some fresh vegetables at Kundasang for you to bring back home. If you want to build a story with unforgetable memories, Kundasang is the best place for you.

For hikers all around the world, Maragang Hill is suitable place for your hiking activities. Do not go down if you not reach above. You do not have to buy binoculars to view Mount Kinabalu, you only need MARAGANG HILL for the perfect view.

Sunrise at Maragang Hills.
Beautiful locals or “Sumandak” taking photo at top of the hill.
Selfie time at Maragang Hill with beautiful scenery of Mount Kinabalu as a background.
Come for the fresh vegetables at Kunmdasang.
The Purple Cottage Homestay for hikers who want to staying over.

For more information and for any inquiries, please contact Facebook: Maragang Hill (click)

And please contact:

1. Ikhwan (0168091029)

2. Jisam (01131603983)

3. Din (010 959 7846)

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