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“Ambuyat”: A Weird Traditional Food but Taste so Good?

In Borneo, there are various types of traditional food served locally with various types of Borneo communities. If we go to an area in Borneo, this traditional food can make us feel loved to try it.

For traditional food lover, Borneo is perfect for you as there is a variety of delicacies that will make you feel homesick to come to Borneo to try any traditional food once again. One of the traditional food is Ambuyat.

Some people that have not trying this food yet might feel weird about the physical looks of this traditional food because this food looks liquid white and texture like glue.

They might think that this food is not suitable to eat because of the sticky surrounds of the Ambuyat. Their perception would change into delighten when they try this dishes.

Sago Rumbia tree which the sago being obtained from inside of the tree.

Ambuyat is a kind of dish made from Rumbia sago, sago which can be obtained from the inside of the Rumbia tree.

Ambuyat is a famous local food in Brunei, as well as the Federal Territory of Labuan and the states of Malaysia such as Sarawak and Sabah where it is sometimes known as linut.

In Brunei, sago Rumbia is known as Ambulung. The process to produce Ambulung is also known as the “mengarus” process. The process usually takes about a day.

Currently, Rumbia or Ambulung sago is available in markets or tamu-tamu in Sabah in the form of packets. The way of providing this food is very easy and appropriate for the whole family.

This food looks liquid white and texture like glue
You can get fresh Ambuyat that available at any Markets and Stalls at different kind of Borneo Areas (Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan).
Ambuyat is appropriate to be eaten with the whole family and also fiends.

This recipe is designed for the difficulty of fresh sago available only in Sabah or Sarawak.

Ambuyat is eaten with a bamboo fork called candas, by rolling the starch around the garland and then dipping it into the sauce, where there are many kinds. If you do not serve this food with gravy, it is very tasteless.

This food is suitable with a sour and spicy sauce. For many local people of Borneo, they are basically using Spicy Fish Soup, Vegetables Soup, Curry, Sambal Belacan , Tuhau, Bambangan and many other traditional sauce to dipped with Ambuyat that make it more tasty and serving with many types of side-dishes such as fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs and many more.

Here is some photos of the Ambuyat with many variation of its sauce and side-dishes:

You will be very fortunate and never feel weird again to try Ambuyat because it is only available in Borneo.

If you want to try again, do not forget to bring your family or friends to try the ambuyat. You can also get Ambuyat at Market or stall selling Ambuyat.

Besides that, you can try yourself to make Ambuyat and your favorite gravy for dipped with Ambuyat. Why feel weird? Do not judge first before you try it. It is very clear that this food is weird but NOT for it taste.


By: Shamsul

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