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Meet superwomen – Ailin, the Founder of Monggoluton River View & Picnic Centre, Kiulu.

Ailin Yubi, original Dusun and the mother of 2 daughters and 1 son, she used to be work as a banker in one of the bank in Kota Kinabalu City. In 2014, Ailin and family members decided to clean up their riverside land for more convenient to enter the river bank, so they can invite their friends or relatives to spend their holidays by playing at the river as the water are so clean. One day she been asked by some villagers : “Why not you transform your riverside land to become the tourist attraction?”, then Ailin was considered for a long time and finally she found a good idea about this, and this is how Monggoluton was founded, in 2014. Monggoluton River View & Picnic Center located in Kiulu area, its about 40km away from Kota Kinabalu City

First of all, we welcome you to Monggoluton
After Ailin founded Monggoluton, this is what happened…
The River Bank make us so calm…
It just amazing…
Ailin also very patriotic…hehe
Tourist like to camping here…

The facilities and services.

Monggoluton provide complete facilities for the visitors basic needs such like Roomstay, Camping Tent Rental, Tubing, Dining Area, Kitchen, Bathroom, Mini Convenient Store, Kara-ok equipment and even Surau (Prayer Room) are build specially for Muslim visitors.

Hungry at night or forgot to bring your toothbrush? No worry, everything is here.
The Bamboo Roomstay.
The interior of roomstay, feel like local…
It just so relax stay at the riverside roomstay and have a chit-chat with best friend.
Yes the local singer/composer Asmin Mudin was stay here.
The kitchen truly “localize”…
The Prayer Room for Muslims.
Here got some galleries of Monggoluton in the dining area, some TV Channel crew went here for shooting TV Program, Comedy and Documentation.
Its so crowded!!!
Here is some achievement by Ailin and Monggoluton, she was interviewed by many news papers media.

What so unique about this place? Let the pictures speak to you…

No wonder there are so many visitors every weekends and school holiday, include the foreigners. The unique nature environment and plus Ailin’s attentive decorations make whole environment so chill and relax. Anyway let the pictures speak again…

Future planning…

Ailin told us, she will slowly expand Monggoluton for visitor’s needs such like add more facilities and provide more new services. Ailin really have a big dream for Monggoluton.

Interesting? Contact Monggoluton.

Booking or more information : +6019-8508625 / +6016-8024106 Address : KM14, Jalan Tamparuli Kiulu, Kampung Poturidong, Kiulu, 89257, Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia.

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