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Mount above the Sea: New chapter for your addictive adventure.

Sarawak is well known for its Kuching City, as there are many interesting places to visit. One of the attraction in Kuching City is Mount Santubong. Mount Santubong is one of the most famous mountains in Sarawak. It is famous for its legends story, it is the story between Princess Santubong and Princess Sejinjang. Apart from legendary stories that are often tells by the locals, Mount Santubong is also a great place for hiking, as the scenery is so beautiful and fascinating for people to see it. Scenery from afar, the profile of the mountain is supposed to resemble a woman lying on her back. When you visit Sarawak, you will be thrilled to see the Mount Santubong. Along your journey, this mountain is covered with magnificent woods bushes in the jungle. Santubong Mountain has a height of 810m located 35km north of Kuching, Sarawak.

View from afar of Gunung Santubong

The fit and adventurous can try climbing this hill.  It’s harder than it looks. The summit trek involves an energy-sapping climb with lots of rope ladders and scrambling up steep slopes. It can take anywhere between 2 1/2 and 4 hours to ascend, depending on fitness levels and the number of stops, and up to two hours to come down. The trail starts at the Green Paradise Seafood Restaurant, about 5 minutes walk from Damai Beach. Those not wishing to go to the top can just take the easier jungle trek or visit the waterfall.

Ladder to climbing the hill. It requires a lot of energy.
The trek for Gunung Santubong trails.
After the climb, this is the view that you will get above the Gunung Santubong.
Reward yourself to the waterfall of Gunung Santubong.

Beyond the mountain it is where we can see the South China sea within the mountain which is Damai Beach. You can stop by at the Damai Central to have a walk and look around the view of the sea through the iconic large Hornbill statue at Damai Central. What do we have here at the Damai Central?

The large hornbill Statue in Damai Central where you can see the view of South China Sea.

This Damai Central is located by the beach and at the foot of the Santubong mountain. Before Damai Central, if you want to swim in the sea or play by the beach, it takes us to go through the Damai Beach Hotel, Damai Puri Resort, Santubong Hotel (now known as One Hotel) or Camp Permai. If you are not staying in one of the hotels on Damai beach, you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the beach there. After that they loosen up the rules if you just want to visit the beach, you will be charged for some Ringgit by the hotel for a bit of snacks and water. Nowadays when this Damai Central is open, visitors that are just passing by the Damai Beach may enjoying the amazing view from here and also can walking through the seaside of Damai Beach.

Do not worry about where you can find a food here. At Damai Central, there is a food court consisting of 10 booths as well as several cafes. Furthermore, bicycles are also available for rent to visitors who wish to take a bicycle ride and enjoy the beauty of this Damai beach as well as surround the area. If you are eager to be like a western person, you can also rent a beach umbrella to relax or picnic at the Damai beach. The buoys are also sold for visitors who bring families with children to safety while on the Damai beach. Other facilities at Damai beach are like spa, toilet to change clothes after sea bath, surau, mini stage, field for activity, parking place and BBQ area and also campsite area for those want to camping for the view of Damai Beach. Besides that, there is one tattoo shop here that uses traditional ways to make tattoos. (Warning: Muslims are not allowed to make tattoos). These tattoos can be said to be customary or cultures of others in Sarawak. if in Sarawak, this tattoo is called “Berpantak”. There is also a bar and grill at this Damai Central which called Escobar. For those who seeking for entertainment here, this is a place for you to have fun and enjoy the excitement.

Visitors who have fun at Damai beach
The main entrance at Damai Central
Damai Central also provide a place for entertainment for the visitors.
Damai Beach view.
BBQ and campsite.

Besides the Damai Central, there is also Sarawak Cultural Village which is located at 0.41km from Damai Beach Resort. You will feel very regret if you are not visiting here because the place has a charm like a live museum meaning this place is not boring. It is more towards to understand and learn the ethnics group in Sarawak closer and more able to see mini-houses like Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu. Not only that, we will also be seen with dance performances from every ethnic Sarawak in the theaters available. Is that interesting enough?

Performers from the Sarawak Cultural Village, representing every ethnics that available at Sarawak.
Performance from the dancers at Sarawak Cultural Village.

It starts with exciting moments when you go to travelling that may help you to search for amazing place like this at Sarawak. Your adventure can be an extraordinary when you go to Mount Santubong, the mount above sea and together you can discover this amazing Damai Beach and also Sarawak Cultural Village nearby the mountain itself. Chill yourself and let the new chapter of your adventure begins. WELCOME TO SARAWAK.

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