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Experiencing “YOLO” as a longhouses tribal in Sarawak

Longhouses also known as “Rumah Panjang” in bahasa Malaysia, located at Sarawak and the dominant tribal live in longhouses are the Dayak and there are Iban (Sea Dayak) and Bidayuh (Land Dayak). All Malaysia’s tribal people believes the strong spiritual connections to the rainforest. There are 4,500 longhouses in Sarawak. Sarawak longhouses visit is one of the “must be” things to do when you travelling to Sarawak. You can experience the lifestyle living in a longhouses with many different type of ethnic in Sarawak. These longhouses are located in the interior of Sarawak. You might reached to the destination in the day journey by road and some only accessible by boat. The journey would bring more satisfaction by experiencing the nature around to arrive Sarawak longhouses. The rooms or bilek of these longhouses normally contained 30 to 50 rooms for each family and contained up to 100 individual families in seperate “apartment” built under one roof and it is a home with 27 ethnic groups each with different language and culture. Longhouses are built high above the ground which you have to climb a noted tree trunk to get to the longhouse. Long time ago, this longhouses built way for the safety from the dwellers from wild animals and also their enemies and it were originally home to the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu ethnic group.

Picture of one of the longhouses in Sarawak. It can contained up to 100 individual families.
A nostalgic picture in one of the tribal living in longhouses.
Experiencing the harmonic culture in longhouses.
Dayak tribal dance. This is how they welcoming tourist visiting to their longhouses.
Sit back and relax during your visit to Sarawak longhouses.

Planning a trip to Sarawak longhouses will open your mind to understand more about Sarawak ethnic community lifestyle and also their daily activities. Moreover, the ethnics that living in the longhouses also lovely and friendly. They welcome you once you arrives and at the night time you will be entertains by their performance as a welcome to us. It is one of the once in a lifetime experience as a good way to get a glimpse in the traditional life of Borneo’s tribe. Although most longhouses along with their residents are not left behind by modernity (connected with internet and smartphones), we can still observe a lifestyle that is quite different from lifestyle living in the city. For example, the Bidayuh tribe still making their living from pepper farming and ratan basket weaving. You can always buy their handicrafts originally from the longhouses community as a souvenirs. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and place of these ethnics from Sarawak longhouses.

Tourists entertains by the hunting activities using one of the Dayak weapons.
Bidayuh longhouses handicrafts as your souvenirs.
Cultural dance performs by beautiful girls from each ethnic groups in longhouses Sarawak.

As a conclusion, you will learn to experience the lifestyle of the Sarawak longhouses tribe and it was a great opportunity for us to know about history and places for the tribal lifestyle and activities of Borneo’s tribal. Once you are stepping into the longhouses community, you will experience to being one of them. The journey of reaching to the destination also makes you feel that it is quite different from the city style experience. It is relaxing to feel the nature and rainforest. Longhouses in Sarawak is consider as one of the attraction for the tourism that will be long lasting until the next generation. So why not trying to live as one of them and experience yourself visiting the Sarawak longhouses? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE…

Longhouses is the attraction to the tourism is Sarawak.

By- Shamsul.

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