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These Tour Guides will make you want to visit Sabah as soon as possible

Today is International Tourist Guide Day, we grab this opportunity to introduce few tourist guide in Sabah, Malaysia. We selected 4 handsome male tourist guide and 4 pretty female tourist guide that have good attitude, good communication skill, and knowledgeable person. Now let’s see how our male tourist guide look like.

1. Brandon
Brandon is very young and self-confident person, you will feel very chill and fun if you follow his tour. Fall in love? He is still available, maybe…
IG: brandonpoukin
2. Johnny Kuma
This Sabahan Chinese guide will keep you safe on the water, he is a good diver too.
IG: kumaseeker
3. Ah Lim
I tell you this guy if other guy see him also can fall in love, his muscle really can protect you…
IG: ahkat95
4. Shafiq
Fuuuhhh…where ever Shafiq go, their is a sunshine, everyone are attracted by him with his humble, friendliness, and have a very good English communication skills.
IG: shafiqxfaizal

Female tour guides

Ok, it’s time to show you the female tourist guide. As tourist guide in Sabah, they spend most of the time on the island under very hot sun, we also wonder how they keep their skin white, it’s absolutely mind blowing. Let’s see:

1. Tina
Tina hails from Lahad Datu, Sabah. Well she is very confident lady, and she is very informative, you will gain more knowledge about Sabah if you join her tour.
2. Dawn
Original Sabahan Original Kadazan… Some tourist return back Sabah because of her… Haha… Seriously her eyes really can kill you…
IG: djayne_miguellawson
3. Pei Si
Pei Si is a Chinese Speaking Guide, ok ok enough, book your flight… lol.
4. Efnie
As we said, Sabah Tourist Guide always under hot hot sun, but she is still very oh my God… Efnie is very good in jungle trekking, don’t worry if get lost in the jungle, you sure can survive, seriously… book your tour la…
IG: efniedoubledu

Anyway, as a tourist guide must be informative, responsible to provide a good service to the tourist. Tourist guide is the person where tourist first to meet after the immigration officer when touch down in Sabah. They are represent Sabah’s reputation and first impression. Thank you all tourist guide in Sabah who have to sacrifice their time with family during holidays, for people are working under tourism industry, there are no holidays or Sunday family day in their dictionary.

To become a Tourist Guide, you need to take a RSTG course for 6 month and take an exam. Lastly, we will show you the video of the tourist guide during a course and training. Thank You very much. Happy International Tourist Guide Day!

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