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Tawau – Harmony personified

The main junction of Tawau Town.

Tawau is a third biggest town in Sabah and located in the east coast of Sabah. By the way Tawau have its own uniqueness of local culture. There are many different races and tribes living peacefully in this lovely town. The majority is Bugis people where their ancestors is origin from neighbour country Indonesia, and follow by Chinese Hakka, Bajau, Suluk, Tidung, Toraja, Kadazan, Dusun and many more.

The Muslims attended the Chinese New Year Open House.
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When you visit the Pasar Tanjung Tawau, you can see how Bugis people and Chinese People ‘cari makan’ together and it’s a normal routine every single day since British Colonization. Take a chance to visit this lovely town, sure you won’t regret.

Tawau is more to plantation, that is why its called “Tawau Bumi Peladang”.

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